About Tallinn

Tallinn is a capital city of Estonia. There are about 400,000 inhabitants in the city and 550,000 in the urban region, which is a great share from the whole population of the country (1.4 million).

For some more information on the developments in the city, see INURA New Metropolitan Mainstream poster of Tallinn (click on image)

The Retreat location – Kloogaranna

Kloogaranna is a beach resort situated 40km from Tallinn. It’s known for its fine white sand and quiet bay location. The area was very popular summer holiday destination during Soviet times, when on a nice day the beach was always full of vacationers travelling there by train. Rapid political and economic changes after the fall of the Soviet Union significantly reduced the beach’s popularity. However, the natural amenities are still there. Today, Kloogaranna area is packed with typical summer houses aka dachas. Also there are many former and still operating youth camps, one of which is the location for the Retreat.

Introductory video clip to the Retreat location (don’t be afraid of the cover picture, the place is also used for conferences and we have the camp all for us):