This year’s conference is organized by Linnalabor (Estonian Urban Lab)

Linnalabor is a competence centre of urban thought and action based in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in 2006 by a small group of young human geographers, we have grown into a multidisciplinary team of experts.

We analyse urban planning, encourage grassroots initiatives and foster the discourse of urban studies in Estonia and the Baltics. We strive towards a better city by building a close-knit network of theorists and practicioners, contributing to an educated citizen society and advocating co-operation oriented city governing. Linnalabor is the point where theory meets action.

Einike WinterEinike Leppik
Einike received her MA in Graphic Arts from Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. She currently studies Audiovisual Composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. With her main interest in sound and visual art in urban environment she is participating in activities of Linnalabor since 2011.
Einike is involved in design, cultural program and general planning of INURA 2012.

Triin PitsiTriin Pitsi
Triin is a postgraduate student of urban studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She likes to take photos of built environment, cities and street art. Her recent interest is to capture urban life through film photography and she is intrigued by wastelands, abandoned buildings and squatting movement.
Triin is a member of Linnalabor since 2012. She will be your main contact during the registration period.

Siiri TreufeldSiiri Treufeld
Siiri is studying Management of Urban and Industrial Landscapes at Estonian University of Life Sciences. She is especially interested in sustainable urban planning and brownfield re-development.
Siiri has been a member of Linnalabor since last summer and is the main coordinator of INURA 2012 conference in Tallinn.


Tauri TuvikeneTauri Tuvikene
Tauri is a doctoral student at University College London and a member of the board of Linnalabor. He has previously participated at the INURA meetings in 2009 and 2010, as well as the INURA New Metropolitan Project.
Tauri is responsible for the programme and all small and large matters of the conference.

Regina ViljasaarRegina Viljasaar
Regina has been a member of board of Linnalabor since 2006 and also serves as the substitute director of Linnalabor (with Teele Pehk being on maternity leave). She has studied Architecture History and Urban Studies in Estonian Academy of Arts and before committing to Linnalabor full time, she worked three years as an urban planner. Regina has participated at the INURA meeting in 2010. Her research interests are planning legislation and citizen involvement.
Besides the general management of Linnalabor, Regina is responsible for the urban field trips.

Andreas WagnerAndreas Wagner
Andreas just recently moved from Berlin to Tallinn in order to found a coworking community and space. He received his BA in area studies Asia & Africa at the Humboldt University Berlin and his MA in European Urban Cultures involving four Universities (MMU, UT, VUB, EKA). He focuses on urban culture and forms of urban work.
Andreas functions as consultant to the programme and organisation team.